• Who We Are

    We're on a mission.....to enable others to increase and leverage their impact in the world


    Lisa and Elianne make up a 'dream team' of consultants, who have gone through their share of highs and lows, both in their consulting careers (think awful client) and lives (think having babies and subsequent sleep deprivation combined with the joys of motherhood). They believe that leadership is at the heart of every good business and work tirelessly to enable others to succeed. Here's a summary of their journey together to give you an impression of who is behind all this stuff...


    Coming from a consulting big 4 firm, and our subsequent careers as freelance consultants, working with various parties, big and small, we’ve run through and worked on many projects. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of businesses and have come to understand and see quickly what makes a business tick. The rat race is very well known to us, and we got tired of the hamster wheel.....This experience and our internal drive to do more and do better (especially after our children came into the picture), brought us to start working together in this business where we want to help you, to get the most out of work, and subsequently life. Because let’s be honest, work is only part of the game.


    The drive to do things smarter was magnified 100-fold by becoming mothers with young children and the demands life as a mother put on you. We came across all sorts of insecurities, fears and frustrations and got tired of it. Think of the commute, the office politics, the inefficiencies, the need to compromise, the constant pressure, the lack of flexibility, the (lack of) leadership and vision to inspire and engage people......sound familiar?


    So we wanted to work smarter, together, leveraging each other's talents and strengths, on our own terms. We realised we're not alone in this and therefore set out to share our knowledge and know-how with smart, driven and like-minded women, who like to get shit done, and have a fun and meaningful life.


    Therefore we stand for the following values (and yes, you can call us on it if we don't!)

    • We believe in focusing on the unique value you can bring to the world – your SHINE
    • We add value in every interaction – showing our SHINE
    • We believe in creating a business that works for you – letting you SHINE
    • We believe that having fun and working smart brings your SHINE to the fore
    • We work with people who have a big vision for their future  - SHINING BRIGHTLY
    • We only pursue projects with people who are wanting to step courageously forward/into the future
    • You help us SHINE - We always grow and improve applying what we learn


    Lisa Brincat Bowman, Tipping Point Consultant

    Lisa Brincat

    Ambitious Mama #1

    Lisa Brincat is a chartered accountant, project manager and business coach (and recovering overachiever). She started her career at Deloitte, and has partnered with several multinational clients including Johnson and Johnson and BHP Billiton.


    Passions include Wealth Creation, leadership, teaching and learning and helping people achieve flexibility and freedom. Life is a journey not a competition, so and believes in the future of collaborations. Her very first boss gave her the advice - always work with people you like. It has stood the test of time and she is continually finding awesome people to have fun with while still making an impact for clients.


    Mum of two, hopeless at housework, lover of chocolate pudding and having a laugh. Biggest strength and weakness is the wanting to help gene. Generally known as the attitude adjuster - having fun while making progress.


    Elianne Oei, Tipping Point Consultant

    Elianne Oei

    Ambitious Mama #2

    Elianne Oei started her career in strategy consulting at Deloitte in the Netherlands. Since then, she has worked in various countries on 4 continents and across various industries on complex (think big and hairy) problems and major turnarounds, requiring organisational insight, strong analytical skills and stakeholder engagement.


    Intensely curious about life, especially other people’s lives and experiences, Elianne is known for her strength in reliably high quality, fit for purpose delivery of work, in any circumstance In addition, she is born and raised in Holland which makes her (scarily) direct, so no B*S here!

    Since being little she’s always said she’d help change the world - Elianne loves helping people increase their impact in the world, developing creative solutions and getting stuff done – no matter what the odds are. She's also a young mum with 2 under 2, so has plenty of practice finding creative solutions to sticky situations (some more literally that others) in everyday life! An adventurer at heart she loves to explore and travel.


    What we stand for

    Inspired by the Holstee Manifesto

    A short video that shows us both and gives you a better understanding of what we stand for!

  • Find Your Tipping Point

    We want to see you SHINE.....

    Dream.....And Plan

    Practically, we start with the end in mind - where do you want to get to, how do you want to live your life? What does working on your own terms mean?And to frame the journey - where are you now? Your answers to those questions will frame and guide the work we do together to make your dreams come true, the way you want them to, in your own time.

    Action Oriented - get in line and stay in line

    Our sessions and workbooks are designed for action, not talking. We focus on outputs that you can use and take with you as you grow your business. So you will have to do some work, yes, but you're not alone. The collaboration happens through us and through our closed Facebook group which is an immense source of wealth and wisdom from all around the globe. On top of that, we will provide personalised advice through our interaction with you and we'll connect you to our networks to help you grow your team through other like-minded specialists and professionals on a similar journey, each with their own skills and niche. Alone you may go faster....together we'll go further!

    Momentum and Coaching

    Our style of collaboration is a combination of practical grounded tools and examples and honest, fearless conversations. Yes, we will ask hard questions sometimes, and yes, we will be understanding and respectful of your personal situation and can adjust to your pace. We've all been there when things just didn't work out at that point or when your child got sick. We get it!

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