• Are you tired of burying your head in the sand when it comes to making real money in your business?


    It’s time to face your numbers.



  • On January 1st you promised yourself that this was THE year.


    The year when it all changed.


    The year you actually started making profits to be proud of.


    The year you'd become one of those women, you know the ones who have got their act together.


    The year your business started making a difference to your family’s bottom line.


    And yet this is where you find yourself right now…..


    You doubt just about everything in your business.


    You feel as if you are swimming in a sea of unknown numbers that look alien.


    You wish you had the cloak of invisibility like Harry Potter just so you could avoid the moment your husband/mother/annoying relative asks that dreaded question “How is business going?”


    You have secretly uttered those two words that spell doom for any entrepreneur. I QUIT.


    DON’T! Don’t quit.


    Because you have something brilliant you can offer to the world.


    Because you can and you should make a difference to the lives of those who need your gifts.


    Because all you need to make your goals a reality is a little bit of help.

    And because we are your fairy godmothers, we have the perfect help to offer you.

  • Introducing.....


    The Money Confidence Course for Women In Business

    No more...

    • Hyperventilating when someone asks you how your business is doing
    • Wondering why on earth you’re not making any money
    • Confusion on where and how to start earning the income you want
    • Changing into an ostrich when you look at your business numbers
  • With this Money Confidence Course, you will:

    • Get crystal clear on your income goal – what’s the income you dream of taking home?
    • Forge a path to get from where you are now, to where you want to be
    • Know (not wish or assume) which services are most profitable, and which are not
    • Get clarity on what to start doing and stop doing
    • Plan ahead and get laser-like focus on actions that will lead you to your goal
    • Get a solid financial plan you won’t be afraid to show anyone - even your husband

    BONUS : To make sure you get the absolute maximum value out of the course, you now get access to a weekly momentum sessions for three sessions in March. It also answers some of the common questions you might have about the toolkit and all the processes we talk about in it, for example pricing, funnels, packaging, forecasting and more.

    Don't worry. It is all simple when you know how to play with your numbers!

    What it is...

    The Money Confidence Course is a self paced course that has all the information you need to get going and keep going, by yourself, when you want it, need it or are ready for it! We’ve made business numbers simple and understandable, because that’s what they’re supposed to be. So that they can help you help yourself.


    And combined with the three workshops, we will hold you hand through the process, answer any questions you may have regarding your products, funnels, pricing and profits, and on the course in general. You will be joined by a group of smart, ambitious women entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you.

    Is it right for you? 

    This Money Confidence Course & workshop package is for you:

    • If you are striving to make an impact with your business
    • If you are finally ready to own your numbers and work with them
    • If you are wanting clarity on what you need to do to make the money you want.

    This Money Confidence Course & workshop package is not for you:

    • If you want to stay stuck in the same patterns that haven’t served you till now
    • If you want to be like the pigeon who closes its eyes and pretends the cat isn’t real
    • If you think you need to be an accountant to work with your numbers. You don’t.

    Purchase the Money Mastery Toolkit NOW to make sure you get this great package, valued at over US$350 for ONLY US$125!

    Here’s how it works:


    Once you purchase you’ll get instant access to the **Money Confidence Course** so you can start going through the framework and get all the data you need beforehand.


    The Money Confidence course is 7 modules in Thinkific that has all the information you need to get going and keep going, by yourself, when you want it, need it or are ready for it! We’ve made business numbers simple and understandable, because that’s what they’re supposed to be. So that they can help you help yourself.


    Through the weekly workshops in March, we will virtually hold you hand through the process, answer questions you may have regarding your products, funnels, pricing and profits, and of course how to use the money mastery kit.

    Still not sure? Read what some of our clients write about the Money Confidence Course and working with us....

    "As a Smart Chick, I am always reaching out and connecting with others who I relate to but can also make me be a better version of me in business. The Money Confidence Course with Tipping Point was exactly what we needed to look at where and how the numbers fall. Find the simple tweaks we can use to increase revenue and the plan to get us to our goal. I would recommend anyone hiding from their business numbers to take the plunge. It may feel scary but it's crucial to get to the end goal with ease and flow!"

    Kirsty Bonner - Smart Chicks Coterie

    "Working with Lisa and Eli to really understand where I need focus within my business to create the income and lifestyle I want to create has been absolutely invaluable. The initial, free tool that Lisa and Eli have created gave me a very clear idea of the revenue that I need to make in order to generate the income level I choose.

    After doing this exercise, I then had a session with Lisa to go through the toolbox that helps to create specific goals and actions to help create that revenue level. I cannot speak highly enough of this process and of Lisa’s expertise. Without her guidance I would not have got as much out of the process as I did. I have been able to refine my offerings and focus on those that are most profitable and really ensure that I am working smarter when working on my business and how I can serve.

    I recommend this process and toolkit for anyone who is just starting out in business or who is looking to uplevel their income in the near future. Lisa and Eli have made the task of knowing your numbers easy and enjoyable when often it can be quite confronting and difficult to do. Thank you. You’ve helped me to change my mindset and refine my systems and services and I feel like I can move forward and help my business become the success I’ve dreamed of."

    CAS HARTLEY - Owner, CEO & Founder at Cas Hartley - Spiritual Mama Mentor

  • Why work with us

    We’re two ambitious mamas, wanting to support and grow the impact of other ambitious mamas in this world. We want our lives to be an example for our children, and believe us women have something amazing to offer the world, above and beyond the role of motherhood. We want to see them shine, including you!


    We’ve come across too many wonderful, smart and talented women who play small, dumb themselves down, fear numbers and doubt themselves, not taking their own business seriously.


    That’s not right!


    So, as management consultants, mothers and entrepreneur coaches, we want to help them get real in their business, about their business and give them the best possible way to realise their business and income goals. That starts with numbers and being able to know them - just like you know, deep down, that you have something amazing to bring to the world!


      As female entrepreneurs starting up and running a business...

      ...we have set our own goals, developed our own products and set our own metrics. We work every day to achieve them, and check them regularly to see how we’re doing in real terms. It maintains our focus, keeps the fire in our belly burning, and tells us what’s going well and where we need to improve.


      We want you to have the same. You deserve support, you are ready and you CAN make it work!

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