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    An ambitious mama with a business idea

    The stroke of genius

    The upside from child induced insomnia may be the superfluous ideas that come to you in the middle of the night. You know it's a genius idea, but will it fly?


    We help you take that idea (and most of the time there are several) and give it the Business Sniff test - what do you need to make money, what will you need to put in, how long will it take to get a return.


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    A business woman with money issues

    The Business Ostrich

    Are you in business not for the money but at the same time over the inconsistent income or not-making-a-living part of the business too?


    We have developed a course for women to build their money and business confidence, to help them stop:

    • Hyperventilating when someone asks you how your business is doing
    • Wondering why on earth you’re not making any money
    • Confusion on where and how to start earning the income you want
    • Changing into an ostrich when you look at your business numbers


    A time poor business woman

    The Anti Mumpreneur

    Mama or not, when it comes to business, you are all business. If you are

    • proud of the thriving business you have built 
    • getting really stuck in your business where things have swung the other way and time has become like gold dust. 
    • Ready to start working smarter and NOT harder (because that is just not an option) 

    Then we can help you - We knew working smarter was the key to longevity so we have researched the better ways for you to forge forward for the wave of growth (minus the burnout).

  • What We Do

    We want to see ambitious mamas succeed, we do this by helping them make decisions to key business questions

    transition program working smarter for professional mums

    I have an idea, should I start a business?

    Work out what is best for you and your family!

    What do you do once you've brought life into this world, after that monumental shift in priorities? Do you go back to work, do contract work or getting cracking on that brilliant business idea that you have?

    We help you answer questions like – Will I make money? What if I fail? Will I have time? What makes me happy and how can I get paid for it?

    We are the masters at pairing back overwhelm and sorting through all the thoughts that are swirling in your head to get clear on what really is best for you and your family.


    What we deliver:

    Business Plan and Decision Matrix

    I want to work from anywhere, how do I transition to an online business?

    Transition your offline skills to an online business

    You don’t need an office and a commute – and you crave freedom and flexibility. You know that all you need is a laptop and an internet connection - skills and networks are in the pocket already...... You know it to be true but transitioning your skills to an online business can be daunting. We have done it and we want to show you how you can too! Learn from us and speed up your success.


    What we deliver: 

    Your Opt-in, your first digital product, your quarterly promotion plan

    Collaborative framework professional women working smarter

    What tools do I need to be a freelance consultant?

    Amazing work, with the flexibility you want

    We have entered the period of the freelancer. Increasingly business are turning to contract resources and external expertise to solve their business problems and help scale their business up. You are highly talented and the flexibility of project work is a big plus. We help you answer questions like- What should you charge? Where do you find work? How do you differentiate yourself?


    What we deliver: 

    Proposal Template and Process, Your Rate Card, your Powerpoint and Word template to deliver a professional result to clients +++ all our insider tips


    I know what I want to earn, how do I get there?

    Follow your heart but take your brains with you

    Your business is your asset (and your baby) - it needs due attention. We want to make sure you are set up to achieve all your dreams (including that new wardrobe/overseas holiday). We help combine what it is you love doing with ways to ensure the money still flows in.


    What we deliver:

    Your product funnel, pricing, sales targets, current money mindset and ways to shift it, a ramp up plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to go, to name a few!

  • We are committed to making an Impact

    Here we believe that every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday business activities.

    We give our time, energy and money to projects and people aligned with our vision and goals.


    What do you do?

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