• Are you undercharging and overworked,

    and not getting the benefits you want from your business?

    Here's you 6 months or a year ago.....

    You finally got up and took the plunge - you started for yourself! Yay!

    You had this great idea, that was slowly blossoming into fruition. You even landed your first clients!

    Awesome work, until.....

    .....you learned that you needed to up the ante, get an online presence, build a product funnel and charge less, do promotional offers, and so on.....

    Here's you now.....


    A few months and many many many hours of work later, you feel frazzled, overwhelmed and frankly, disillusioned that your business isn't making you much income.

    You are humming and harring about every expense, even though you need to keep the lights on and keep going further.

    You feel stressed, and full of doubt and fear.....and the niggly voices in your head ask you.....

    am I doing things right?

    Is this worth it?

    How long can I last?

    and the big one.....is it time to QUIT?!?

  • Don't quit!

    You have something amazing to offer, the trick is to do this the smart way!

    Business is like learning how to ride a bike, really, you need some support, potentially training wheels but once you're off, you're off! 

    We offer you that support, the support that will give you:

    - the clarity you need to know where you are in business terms

    - the confidence you need to continue - or tweak and test

    - the missing links to make your business sing together smoothly

    - the focus so that you know what to do next

  • Have no fear.......

    The Facilitated Money Confidence Package is here!



      The Money Confidence Course

      The Money Mastery Toolkit provides a comprehensive framework to lay out and tweak your business, in particular your product funnel and pricing.

      A Money Mindset Toolkit

      We assess your money mindset with you, explain where you can grow and how this can be translated into action in your business

      Supportive guidance

      You will be coached in a practical, hands-on way where we empower YOU to first see and understand it, and secondly, do it yourself from then on. 

      Business X-ray vision

      We use the five key levers of business which drive profit to ensure your business is sound and your pricing works! Our combined 20+ years in business as consultants has primed us to pick up inconsistencies and issues in a heart beat!

    • We've got your back on this one, because the benefits include at a minimum.....

      • 1x 60 min session testing your business against the key profit drivers and your wealth profile
      • 1 x 60 min session diving into your pricing, product funnel and money mindset 
      • a yours-to-keep toolkit to support the sessions, linking the business from strategy to action - our Money Confidence Course
      • A Wealth Dynamics Test and profile report to take home
      • Recordings of your sessions so that you can go back to them and apply your key insights
      • access to our best practices as appropriate


      We always strive for the best.

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